The residential complex Harmony Residence seeks to change the idea of ​​housing. Unlike the skyscrapers that are rising every day, Harmony Residence is not just a building. In a real sense, this is a place created to live in and enjoy life. The modern residential complex Harmony Residence consists of 18 floors and 3 blocks. Each of the 126 apartments was built in a special way. When we started this project, we engaged the best architects and builders to achieve the perfect result, and the result did not take long. We have created all conditions for a comfortable stay in the living complex, installed a boiler room that provides hot and cold water continuously. We built a garage designed for 208 cars. We used the latest technologies. You will find more detailed information on all of these in the next pages.


Harmony Residence is a lifestyle. This complex is like an oasis created in the desert, in the hectic of modern and fast urban life. In the courtyard of the building there are flower beds, trees, bushes and lawns. For pedestrians, special roads have been built and benches have been installed. We also have not forgotten our little ones. For them we have created a playground in the courtyard of the complex. This, in turn, would help children to grow up physically healthy. We work every day for the convenience of our residents.

Moreover, because of the prevalence of greenery in this part of our city, the air is rich with oxygen. The view from your apartment to the Caspian Sea will create harmony in your soul. For those who prefer a healthy lifestyle, this place is a true find.


It is an obvious fact that anyone who wants to buy an apartment, first of all, wonders how the building was built. We can say with certainty that Harmony Residence meets the most advanced technical requirements and standards. All materials are of European manufacture. During the construction of the building we used only high-quality building materials. The materials used to cover the building are environmentally friendly and safe. We used European-made compact laminate for this purpose. The exterior compact laminate panels from FunderMax, used for coating of the building, are environmentally friendly and safe. The probability of ignition equals to zero. The building corresponds to the norms of seismic safety and has been designed to withstand a magnitude 9.0 earthquake.

All apartments in the complex have the highest degree of heat and sound insulation. This means that you will be protected from surrounding noise, and your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

The building is equipped with fire alarm and warning system. Moreover, security zones have also been provided.

The building has a general heating and cooling system. The VRV type air conditioning system works silently and saves energy.

Belgian-made Reynaers window systems will protect your home from noise and dust. The basis of this window brand was laid in 1965 in Belgium.

The window glasses belong to Guardian. Guardian is an American brand that meets international high quality standards. Guardian glass prevents the ultraviolet rays from entering the apartment. That is, by closing the windows, you can completely isolate yourself from the environment.

The building is equipped with a central internet network and cable TV. You will be among the first to know what is happening all over the world.

We have another surprise for the residents. Thus, the most up-to-date induction ovens will be installed in the kitchens of all apartments of the complex. These ovens do not just cook delicious dishes in the kitchen; they save electrical energy, and are highly safe. If not put the utensil with magnetic layer on the bottom, the oven will not be switched on, and it will turn off automatically when the magnetic utensil is not kept on the oven. Modern kitchen technology allows speeding up the process of cooking.

One of the most important issues is an elevator. Therefore, it is planned to use the elevators of the most advanced world brand being 3 elevators for each block.

The central heating system of the building is a cascade-type Italian heating system. That is, the building has its own boiler house.

Each apartment will be equipped with high quality steel doors manufactured by the leading European companies.


The comfort of an apartment depends on its area. But skillfully and well separated rooms and the use of each square meter makes the apartment more comfortable and cozy. Affordable planning is the desire of every apartment owner. Guided by your wishes, we offer you several options for planning for each apartment. You will not miss a single square meter of your apartment, using these options. You will get more space in the interior. Bedrooms in large apartments have a cloak-room and two bathroom units.

We have another interesting offer for you. We can repair the apartment you have purchased at Harmony Residency on preferential terms. Our professional repair team has the ability to quickly cope with the most difficult tasks of repair. During repair works, we will save your time and money using quality building materials. We are ready to satisfy your taste with the most exciting design solutions. A 10% discount on all repair works will be a gift from us for your new home.

At the end, we would like to specifically note that the solarium zone equipped with sun loungers and shower cabins will only serve the Harmony Residence penthouse owners.